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PLG Mounting Accessories


Accessories for fastening and grounding plates / housings

  • Available mounting materials
    • Terminal piece set for fastening a front plate / rear wall with studs
    • Terminal piece set for fastening a front plate / rear wall with terminals from inside
    • Spring nut set for mounting ducts for fastening additional components


Product codeDescription
70390-00001-7000000PLG clamping piece set type a/4, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00002-7000000PLG clamping piece set type b/2, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00003-7000000PLG clamping piece set for Siemens OP series, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00005-7000000PLG clamping piece set type e/7, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00006-7000000PLG clamping piece set type c/5, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00007-7000000PLG clamping piece set type d/6, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00008-7000000PLG flange nut set M4, 0.1kg, Colour: Galvanized
70390-00009-7000000PLG flange nut set M5, 0.1kg, Colour: Galvanized
70390-00010-7000000PLG clamping piece set type a/3, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00025-7000000PLG mounting kit for screwed rear panel, 0.1kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00026-7000000PLG clamping piece set type a/1, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00027-7000000PLG clamping piece set type b/4, 0.2kg, Colour: Aluminum
70390-00032-7000000PLG mounting set, 0.1kg, Colour: Aluminum