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Ultrasonic nebulizer

The "Ultra Sonic USV 2010" is an ultrasonic nebulizer that produces aerosols by breaking up liquids. It is used to humidify the respiratory air and to inhale saline solutions in spontaneously breathing patients. The smallest droplets reach not only the upper, but also the lower respiratory tracks in particular. As a result, the ultrasonic nebulizer is most efficient for the therapy of pulmonary diseases and stand out as a robust and reliable support within the clinical setting. Take advantage of our modern ultrasonic nebulizers with compact design and intuitive operation. The functionalities and product features are leading in the market due to decades of experience. Specially developed bacteria filters and the simple disinfection of all air-carrying accessories create a high level of safety. Suitable accessory sets with corresponding mounting options are available for the different areas of application.

  • Maintenance free

  • Made in Germany