Values in Motion.

We are AMTRION, the brand new company with over 40 years of experience. How does it work? Exactly like this:
We combine the best of the two hidden champions W. Krömker GmbH and Haseke GmbH. 

We stand for (A)dvanced (M)ovement in (TRI) Dimensions in Perfecti(ON). 

Over 100 employees bring their expertise and passion to each of our products to provide you and your customers with outstanding quality, flexibility and state-of-the-art design made in Germany. We are a leader in the development and manufacture of technically sophisticated support arm systems and control box technology and are regarded as an innovation leader for high-quality medical technology products that are customized to meet individual customer requirements. Our product portfolio offers high-quality, ergonomically optimized solutions for support arms and fixing systems of all kinds for the medical technology sector as well as for industry and automation technology. 
Our medical department includes articulated arms for holding ventilation tubes, infusion systems, fixing systems for standard rails, support arm systems for surgical lights and monitors, as well as equipment trolleys and high-quality mobile stands, through to application-specific solutions for everything to do with patients. Electronic components such as modern ultrasound nebulizers in compact design complete our product range. In addition, we market the specially developed SKYDOQ® series, an innovative, multi-patented and design-award winning support arm system for demanding clinical applications.
Our industrial division impresses with an innovative and well thought-out modular system, which enables us to implement customer requirements quickly and individually and to create new products from them. As a system supplier, we offer our customers intensive consulting and service before and after the purchase.

Even after the merger, we will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of GESCO SE. With GESCO, we have a strong partner at our side.